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Disclaimer: The content of linked pages do not  necessarily reflect the views of the lab members or the University of Georgia.  

Alga and protist videos

Cool vampire protists eating algae (from Sebastian Hess) (1) (2)

Jeremy Pickett-Heaps (1) (2) (3)


Chlamydomonas links:

Chlamydomonas flagellar proteome, Chlamydomonas Resource Center, Chlamydomonas Connection, Chlamydomonas Genome

Miscellaneous: Chlamydomonas song, Chlamydomonas band: Fell good, Chlamydomonas band trailer, How to Pronounce Chlamydomonas,Chlamydomonas stickers 


Chlamydomonas labs:

Marshall lab, Mitchell lab, Nicastro lab, Witman lab,


DNA analysis:

Restriction Digest, Translate DNA -> Protein, Reverse Complement, Compute MW/pI, NCBI blast, Search for a Gene, EST, Protein ..., Primer design recommendations, PrimerDesignEMBL, Compute Primers,


PCR strategies:

Overlap PCR,


Protein Analysis:



People watching

Trump (1) (2) (3) (4) Ergodan (1); LaPierre (1); Soeder (1), Kemp (1) (2) 

GonzalezElin Ersson;    



Caravan of LovePsycho killerAmerican idiot; Is mir egal; Lust for life; Make America Great Again;